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Sweden: Ormeshaga

· Sweden

Under a tree, by a roadside in Ormeshaga sits 118kg/260lbs of rough stone.

It's is easily overlooked by many passers by. However it does not escape the attention of Ryan Stewart, Nic Whalen and Mark Prows on their tour of the Swedish stones.

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The stone rests in the shade of a tree and is identified by a plaque which details its name and weight.
It's one of the better known stones in Sweden and has a long storied history. Initial research by Ryan Stewart and Nic Whalen suggest references back as far as circa 1700s

Oreshaga Stone

Ormeshaga stone in situ

It has all the attributes of a classic manhood stone. It is very easy on the eye to anyone familiar with the Scottish stones. In many ways its location is reminiscent of the Newtonmore stone in Scotland.

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Ryan Stewart Shouldering the stone

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Nic, Mark and Ryan

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Nic Whalen