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Sweden: Kungslena Stones

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These three stones are known as the Kungslena stones. Two of them scaled at 166kg/367lb and 100kg/220lb respectively. I am uncertain of the weight of the third one but it is no heavier than those already stated. The reside in the town of Kungslena and are located outside its famous church.

One of the most famous battles in Swedish history was fought here and resulted in the defeat of a Danish army in 1208. A further battle took place in 1210, at nearby Gestilren. As a result Erik Knutsson was crowned king of the country. All of these battles were witnessed by the church, which predates these conflicts by at least 100 hundred years.

Indeed the church has a very long history and has been owned by both the Church and State at various times. It even played host when Sweden's military leader (Birger Jarl) met the Norwegian King Haakon.

It has also been a witness to innumerable stone lifting attempts.

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Legend has it that anyone who could lift the larger stone four times could marry the farmer's daughter. Although, most of the lifting would typically occur after a wedding as a good excuse to show one's worth to single bridesmaids; Stronger farmhands would typically receive greater pay and treatment.

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A traditional lift would be on to the wooden stump

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Nic Whalen with a traditional lift

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Ryan Stewart with a chest-high lift