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Sweden: Harestorp Norregard Stones

· Sweden

The Stahl family own one of the oldest farms in the territory and are the guardians of the Harestorp Norregard stones.

These are a series of three stones from 32kg/70lb (estimate), 97kg/215lb (estimate) and 104kg/230lb (scaled). Traditionally they were used to test the strength of potential farm hands.

Ryan Stewart, Nic Whalen and Mark Prows knew roughly where these stones were before arriving in Sweden on their tour. Unfortunately, things were still too vague when they arrived in the region only to find vast areas of farmland.

Faced with no other option, they began knocking on the doors of local farmers and requesting the location of the local testing stones. There followed a series of broken English conversations that would have made the United Nations proud, and equally could have been the basis for a comedy series on TV.

At times, it was fifty-fifty chance they would get directions to the stones or a visit from the local police officers.

However, in the end an international situation was averted and the stones located

Ryan Stewart and a (nervous looking) member of the Stahl family.

Ryan Stewart

Nic Whelan

Ryan Stewart

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