• Etiquette

    ...I would suggest a more accurate way of viewing the relationship between lifter and stone as follows: - all of Scotland’s stones belong to a vast family of lifters many of which are dead; a few are living, and countless numbers unborn.

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    Do Not Drop The Stones

    Broken Wallace Stone (Pictured)

    You find yourself in the unique position where you are able to visit and lift historic Scottish artefacts.

    This is not a right. You didn't earn it. You do not own these stones.

    You are the beneficiary of the hard work of a small number of people.

    By attempting a stone, you undertake an obligation to return that stone to the ground in the most gentle way you can manage. Dropping the stones is entirely unacceptable.

  • Training

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    how to natural stone lifting

    How to Lift Natural Stones (unringed)

    This article covers the main considerations for the succesful lifting of natural stones.

    Dinnie Stones (Setup and positioning)

    By Stevie Shanks

    Dinnie Stones (Thumb Locking)

    By Stevie Shanks

  • Training Equipment by killerstrengthscotland

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  • Examples of craftmanship


    A few examples of Dinnie rings and replicas for the connoisseur.

  • Inspirational Video on Stone Lifting