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Sweden: Orebro Stones

· Sweden

The first thing to strike a visitor to the Orebro stones is their unusual location. They are uniquely contained within three recessed circles that are cut in to the grass.

A visitor cannot help but wonder if they have stumbled upon a gigantic form of Crazy Golf. Or perhaps this is where the Throwing Gods practice their shot putt technique?

The already wonderful location is enhanced by the presence of a nearby river. The gentle flow of water is matched by the stream of pedestrians in this scenic environment.

Any potential stone lifter is guaranteed an audience for their attempts of this challenging range of stones.

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The seven stones are located in 3 circles. The heaviest two are 161kg/355lb and 176kg/388lb respectively. The others were not weighed when Ryan Stewart, Nic Whalen and Mark Rows visited. However, they estimated many to be around the mid-to-high 200lb mark.

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Mark successfully shouldering one of the stones (above).

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Ryan lifting the heaviest stone (176kg/388lb) and displaying his now customary ,'Wish you were here' face.

A location like this does not come about by chance and is obviously man made.

Through a combination of hand signals, shouting, pointing, Google Translate and local signage, some basic facts were ascertained. Specifically, that the stones were placed there in 2009 in recognition of a stone lifting heritage in the region.

This has also occurred in other locations in Sweden. Below is a sculpture of a farmer lifting a stone. This piece of artwork sits in the Vimmerby town centre and was created by Henry Gustafsson


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Vimmerby town centre statue(above)

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Malmo, Sweden