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    This website is dedicated to the memory of Peter Martin who passed away suddenly, at home, in September 2015. He was a true gentleman and a friend to many. His research in to Gaelic strength culture and traditional stone lifting was without equal. He shared his research and passion freely with many people throughout the world and never asked for anything in return.


    He reserved a special affection for the Gaels. He made many trips to North Uist and spoke with the elders there who remembered the strength Gaelic culture from their youth. They thought highly of Peter and named him 'Am Bodach An Clachan' The Old Man Of The Stones.


    It is with the kind permission of Peter's family that some of his research work is shared here for the ongoing enjoyment and education of those who shared his passion.

  • Scottish Stones

    macgregor stone

    Macgregor Stone

    The Luib Hotel, Crianlarich (Directions)

    The Macgregor stone has only recently come to the awareness of the wider stonelifting comminity. However, it is known to have resided at the hotel since 1934 at the very least. While more details of its history are being investigated, the 132kg/ 290lb sphere is accepting all comers. Specific rules apply.

    Peter Martin Dripping Cave Stone

    Dripping Cave Stone

    Cromarty (Directions)

    The Dripping Cave Stone is located at Cromarty in the north east of Scotland and estimated to be 130kg/286lb of very smooth stone due to its location in tidal waters.

    Peter Martin Inver  Stone

    Inver Stone

    Crathie (Directions) .

    The Inver Stone was revisited from a research perspective at least twice by Peter. There is some overlap between this article and this article but both are excellent. It's 120kg/265lb

    Peter Martin Dalwhinnie  Stone

    Dalwhinnie Stone

    Dalwhinnie (Directions)

    The Dalwhinnie Stone is located in Dalwhinnie and was found to weigh 102kg/224lb

    Peter Martin Colonsay Stone

    Colonsay Stone

    Island Of Colonsay

    An in depth look at the 112kg/246lb stone that, for many, made its first appearance in the Stones Of Strength book. .

    peter martin glen lui stone

    Lifting Stone Of The Glen Of The Little Calf

    Glen Lui

    Located in Glen Lui, Aberdeenshire. This stone of approximately 110kg/240lbs is located with 100 yards of the Gamekeepers cottage.

    glen quoish stone

    Glen Quoish (Stone Lifting Site)


    Glen Quoish is a short drive from the Inver Stone. It is the location of known historic stone lifts. Peter researches the Large Glen Quoish Stone (approx 180kg/400lb region) and also the Small Glen Quoish Stone (approx 72kg/160lb region) in this article.

    wallace putting stone

    Wallace Putting Stone

    Sherrifmuir, near Blackford Village

    Located in moorland this stone scaled 125kg/275lb region. Although, originally was somewhat heavier before a stonemason set to work on it.

    peter martin glen roy stones

    Glen Roy Stones

    Glen Roy (Directions)

    Two of Peter's favourite stones are located in the Lochaber region of the highlands of Scotland.  Directions to these stones are in the Blog

    peter martin newtonmore stone

    Lifting Stone Of Newtonmore

    Newtonmore Village, Spey Valley (Directions)

    The CLACH THOGALAICH A BAILLE UR ANT- SLEIBH (Lifting Stone Of Newtonmore) is an especially smooth stone which scaled at 101kg/222lb.

    peter martin barevan stone

    Barevan Stone

    Barevan church, Canmore (Barevan)

    Located in the church graveyard, this very smooth stone  was weighed at 105/231kg stone offers a real challenge .

    Auchernack Loupin Stane

    Strathdon, Aberdeenshire

    This Loupin Stone was researched by Peter Martin before he eventually uncovered the two lifting Stones at Auchernack. The lifting stones will be uploaded later.

    peter martin puterach pudrac stone

    Puterach and Pudrac Stones

    Glen Balquidder (Directions)

    Not just a great example of a stone and plinth configuration.  These documents illustrate Peter's fact based approach via historic references .  He also revisited a stone and updated his understanding as his research progressed.  as can be seen in the articles  here and here.

    Sadlin Mare of The Sma Glen

    Sma Glen, Near Crieff (Directions)

    Peter researched this stone a number of times and this is reflected in the increasing size of the articles he produced each time. Starting with some references he was then able to produce an initial article. This was expanded upon to produce this article. The Sadlin Mare stone was scaled at 99kg/217lb.

    peter martin strathmore of durness stone

    Strathmore of Durness Stone

    Parish Of Durness, Sutherland (Directions)

    A challenging rectangular stone of approximately 350lb/160kg. It is situated on  the left side of the road  as you travel northbound.

    peter martin stone lifting north uist

    Island Of North Uist

    Several locations

    Peter was actively researching a number of stone on North Uist. He made several productive trips to the Island along with an excellent stonelifter named Alex Roberts. The island is a host a number of traditional stones and an ageing population who are the last of the Gaelic stone-lifters.


    The stone articles are

    Clach ic caoilte stone  stone

    ultach dhomhaill mhor (aka 'Burden Of Big Donald') stone,

    Ultach na- h'airde glaise stone.


    Also, an overview of the Lifting Stones of North Uist

    peter martin north uist


    Island Of Berneray

    The "White stone" (aka The Weight/Burden Of Morrison) is located on the Island of Berneray. It was actively being researche by Peter. It is also the birthplace of the giant Scotsman, Angus MacAskill, who spent the first 14 years of his life only half a mile away.

    peter martin rudh-a-fuder

    Lifting Stone of Rudh-a-fuder


    This is a good example of Peter's exhaustive background research on a traditional stone. Clearly, this article is a work in progress but well worth a read. 

    peter martin fianna stone

    Stones Of The Southern Highlands

    Various Locations in Southern HIghlands

    This an early Christmas gift from Peter Martin to all traditional stone lifters that followed his writings. He had gathered together a lot of his research and produced an entire chapter on the Southern Highlands.


    This article covers Fianna Stone, Plague Stone, Menzies Stone, Puterach/Pudrac Stones, Abbot Stone, Monachyle Stone, Sadlin Mare,
    Ardvorlich Stone, Clach a' bhoisgein amongst others. Interwoven throughout this chapter is the Gaelic strength culture that spawned the desire to lift the stones mentioned above.

    peter martin dinnie stones

    Dinnie Steens

    Potarch (Directions)

    These are the most famous lifting stones in Scotland. The are often controversial and are the source of many heated arguments. They draw the attention of many self-appointed experts and numpties. However, there are only two world-renowned experts on the Dinnie Stones and they are Peter Martin and his good friend David Webster. They discussed these stones at length many times. Drafts of Peter's work cover the Stones in detail.  He also determines the exact date Dinnie walked with the stones. He also explored the cultural influences behind why Dinnie lifted the stones



    peter marting stones of old dailly

    Stone Of Old Dailly

    Near Girvan, Ayrshire

    Peter waged a long battle with the local council to find out why these famous stones were shackled. He also led a campaign to free the stones. This document contains a lot of history about the stones and the mentality that keeps them shackled.


    A more recent visit to the stones is documented here

    esson stone

    Esson Stone

    Bennachie, Aberdeenshire

    Peter left no article covering this stone. This document was pieced together from email exchanges. It was then followed by contact with a local baillie named Colin Miller. I also was in contact with a person whose Auntie received a letter from one of the Esson family in which was stated George Esson was a remarkable man... at the back o' his cottage lying in the grass is a stone wi a ring, it was a cheese press.

    The area has been searched and stone is not present. The hope is that the stone was stored by the current owners. The area is private land.

    ardvorlich stone

    Ardvorlich Stone

    Perthshire and Kinross (Directions)

    The Ardvorlich stone has little documented history but this hasn't prevented it becoming one of the most popular and challenging of Scottish stone on the mainland. It sits outside Ardvorlich house, which is occupied by the 5th Laird of Ardvorlich.

    Auchernack Stones

    Auchernack Stones

    Highlands (Directions)

    The Auchernack stones did not have a separate article by Peter. This document is a combination of an article draft, augmented with some email exchanges between Peter and James Grahame. It covers the trip that James Grahame, Martin Jancsics and Peter Martin undertook in 2013 to find the stones.

    Stone of Heroes

    Stone of Heroes


    Peter did not have an article for The Stone of Heroes (132kg / 291lb). This writeup was constructed through a combination of emails and a telephone call between James Grahame and a man who lifted the stone. It also corrects an error in the original Stones Of Strength book, which incorrectly suggested the Stone of Heroes was related to the Dalwhinnie stone.

    Glen Livet Stpne

    Clach neart Glenlivet


    Peter did not have an article for the Glenlivet 130kg/286lb stone. This article is pieced together from emails and personal memories. The first known lifts in modern times were by James Grahame and Martin Jancsics in 2013. The stone is located deep within a private farm and the journey to the stone was a long one by Land Rover with the assistance of the owner(s).

    Stone of Lealty

    Stone of Lealty

    Alness, near Inverness

    Peter did not have an article for this stone and had only begun to research it thoroughly. This document is created from email exchanges with James Grahame and memories of conversations long passed.

    Inverness stone

    Inverness Stone(?)


    Peter did not have an article for this stone and had only begun to research it thoroughly. This document is created from email exchanges with James Grahame. However, it does give the true history of the Stonemason's challenge recently reintroduced at Inverness Highland Games.

    Inverness stone

    Clach Thogalaich Gleann Laoigh Beag

    Glen Lui, Aberdeenshire

    Peter did not have an article for this 82kg/180lb stone. This document is created from email exchanges with James Grahame

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