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Wallace Putting Stone (Broken)

· Scottish

At the time of writing, the Wallace Putting Stone is broken and not available for lifting.

It appears to have split along its fault line at some point during March 2019.

I have contacted the landowner to inform them and discuss possible next steps.

Wallace Putting Stone
Wallace Putting Stone

The stone had a fault line for as long as anyone can recall. This, combined with rough handling in many videos, has combined with the Scottish climate to split the stone in two.

It's a reminder to all lifters that these stones are not indestructible and may not be liftable forever. It is especially disappointing that the person who experienced the break appears not to have contacted anyone to make them aware of the issue.


I will keep people updated regarding the status of the stone but it would be good to share this post to reduce the number of lifters whomay have a wasted trip.