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Blue Stones Old Dailly

· Scottish

These stones are still shackled to a wall in a derelict Churchyard in Old Dailly. They have a long, and complex history within the community. There is also the long fight that Peter Martin had in attempting to get them unshackled.

It would take several chapters to repeat every twist and turn that has brought us to this point. Rather, than do that, let's just enjoy the stones.

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The church is now derelict. The roof is long gone and the end gables are the most prominent remains.

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Inside the church sit the two stones. The smaller on the left and the larger is on the right.

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I can find no record of the stones being officially weighed. However, in Peter's correspondence with the local council, I noted these estimates. The smaller between 260 and 280 pounds in weight (118 -127kg).

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The larger of the two stones weighs between 290 and 320 pounds (131-145kg)

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Both stones are very smooth. Even the ridges on the smaller stone look unforgiving. The large stone in particular looks especially difficult. As with most Scottish stones, it is the lack of grip that is the main challenge, rather than the brute weight of the stone itself.

The large stone looks very much at home in the nightmares of a wannabe stone lifter.

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