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Glen Livet Stone (Getting There)

Thanks to Jamie Gorrian for providing details on how to get access to the Glen Livet Stone.  It was previously thought only to be available with the aid of the land owner and a Land Rover

The 130kg / 286 lb stone is located along the Malcolm Gillespie smugglers route that runs from Ladderfoot to Chapletown.  In the early 19th century, the government was losing lots of revenue due to whisky smugglers.  Malcolm Gillespie was one of the most famous excise men who hunted the smugglers.

Malcolm was himself an interesting man.  In time he turned to a life of forgery and was ultimately hanged for his crimes.

Getting to the Stone

The easiest route is to park at East Auchavaich Car Park (57.27310,-3.25785 in google maps)

Then follow the signs for Malcolm Gillespie Smuggler's Trail. 

The stone is located 1.2 miles (25 minute walk along a cairned path). It's a remote location, with natural hazards.  Take all necessary precautions before attempting this.

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