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Dinnie Images (Random)

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A random collection of images and random facts I came across while looking for Dinnie-related materials; online and in person. In no particular order...

Below: Australian Athlete from the Dinnie era. I was delighted to find this image as it confirmed that early Highland Games athletes used scale weights for putting. May contribute to the 28lb/56lb convention.

Below: Dinnie was married in Victoria, Australia to Eleanor Bagley. It is one of these two churches (in the same street). The marriage certificate names the street but the numbering has changed over the years. We even know the minister's name. In theory, it could be narrowed down further.

Below: A carriage of the type used by Dinnie for travelling long distances across Australia with all his equipment. It would typically contain more than 10 people and luggage. Imagine travelling all day in that, then competing in the evening.

Below: Picture of Paddy Roachock, Victoria Australia. Taken 1885/86. A top class Australian footballer. Defeated Dinnie in competition and Dinnie refused to pay the prize money. The press reported it as an 'unmitigated fraud' and 'nearly led to a free fight on the ground, and how it was prevented during the day seems a mystery.'

Below: Early Dinnie picture

Derek "Basher" Gillies (Scotland) proves that you can hold 56lbers for time. Competed in the 1970 Commonwealth Games.

Some of my favourite Dinnie images. From the British Museum if I remember correctly. When you zoom in with the computer/phone you can see him as an aging human.

Below: Professor Miller with whom Dinnie competed in a weighlifting competition in Melbourne,

The venue for the Dinnie v Miller competition. The Old Melbourne Exhibition centre still standing. A lot of information was lost however due to a fire several decades ago.

Below: William McCombie Smith. Dinnie's brother in law and sternest critic.

Below: Croxton Hotel (the rightmost part of the building) circa 1880s. Donald Dinnie was the landlord of this guesthouse in Victoria, Australia. Many a run-in with the police.

Below: Syd Strachan and Imlach Shearer with the famous Dinnie belt.

Below: Unmarked Grave (no headstone, in middle of picture) of James Fleming in Melbourne Cemetery, Australia. Died in Dinnie's arms and buried without a marker due to lack of funds. Very sad that he lies overseas, without any visitors.

Below: Final resting place of Donald Dinnie. Middle, front, gravestone.

Below: Dinnie Wrestled at this venue when in Melbourne, Australia. The following 3 pictures show how it has changed over the decades. Now called Her Majesty's theatre.

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