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Actual Weights Of Scottish Stones

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Listed below are the actual weights of some of the Scottish stones. The vast majority of which were manually weighed by Martin Jancsics from Elgin.

The Dinnies were professionally weighed in 2014.

The Menzies stone weight was taken from the Menzies clan magazine (No. 29 December 2008).

The Inver stone has its weight carved on it and was assumed to be correct.

  • Ardvorlich 152kg / 334lb
  • Auchernack (Small) 103kg / 226lb
  • Auchernack (Large) 130kg / 286lb
  • Barevan 105kg / 231lb
  • Dinnie (Small) 144.47kg / 318.5lb
  • Dinnie (Large) 188.02kg / 414.5lb
  • Dalwhinnie 102kg / 224lb
  • Dripping Cave Stone 120kg / 264lb
  • Fianna 127kg / 279lb
  • Menzies 115kg / 252lb
  • Inver 120.4kg / 265lb
  • Newtonmore 101kg / 222lb
  • Sadlin Mare 99kg / 217lb
  • Wallace Putting     125kg    / 275lb
  • Glen Roy (Red)     133kg / 292lb
  • Glen Roy(Grey)    137kg /  301lb
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